Parachute’s Entry Into The Mattress Sector Presents A Positive Impact On Global Mattress Market

Feb-2019 | e-Market Research | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Parachute, a 5-year-old brand, is currently booming the luxury bedding sector. The firm highlights its presence alongside various established firms such as Boll & Branch, Brooklinen, and Crane & Canopy. Soon after its introduction, Parachute expanded itself beyond sheets and offered its customers with more and more products. Presently, the user can select from a huge range of products such as alpaca throws, cozy blankets, and down pillows, all in the brand’s plain, relaxed, California aesthetic. Now, the firm has started offering its customers with environment-friendly, American-made Parachute mattress.

Earlier last year, the mattress market touched almost $29 Billion. At the time, there were about 178 diverse online mattress brands available in the market, all rivaling to be America’s mattress of preference. At present, Parachute is in a process to introduce itself in the global mattress market, which is already crowded. Firm’s decision reflects the vigorous growth of the fast-moving market in the upcoming period.

Parachute vies directly with a number of latest mattress brands that let user skip the unhappy experience of going out to a store to purchase a mattress. Instead, the firm offers the user with a facility to order a mattress online and assures that it will be conveniently delivered to their homes. Whilst Parachute does not offer mattresses delivery by mail, such as Purple or Casper, the brand offers white glove delivery in the cost. Essentially, Parachute offers even simple tactic than the usual bed-in-a-box approach. When an individual buys Parachute’s mattress, the firm sends a movers team to get the product into the room of customer’s choice and removes their old mattress, if they wish. This prompt service by the firm offers it a prospect to boost the global market in the upcoming period.