Hydrogen Fuel Is Anticipated to Give Momentum To The Alternative Fuel Market

Feb-2019 | e-Market Research | Automobile

With the help of solar energy, the researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory are combining two chemical reaction pathway vital to plants such as Photosystem I and Photosystem II so as to form a backbone of a new technique which will be converting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The basic concept of the plant biology that is absorbing energy from light to feed the electrons to an inorganic medium that will produce hydrogen followed by using light’s energy to split water to capture its electrons and continue the cycle is what the researchers are planning on inculcating for the fuel generation with no complexity.

This technique can be used for hydrogen generation by modulating the natural membrane for the chemistry preferred. The use of cobalt and nickel as catalysts can help reduce the costs as well as help the global hydrogen fuel market growth in terms of revenue. The easy and low-cost designing of the current technology helps combat the current competitors in the hydrogen fuel market. The beauty of the current technique is the self-assembling of the catalysts by means of natural membranes that will perform the necessary errands the way one wants it to be.

The hydrogen fuel can help reduce the dependency on the non-renewable sources and helps save the environment and the planet from withering away. The hydrogen fuel generation is beneficial in terms of pollution control as well as abundance. However, the production cost of the fuel is the only disadvantage the hydrogen fuel market is facing. The hydrogen fuel is what the researchers are looking forward to being used in soaring amounts in the next-generation. The current pressing situation of the growing global energy is the reason such novel product development is being encouraged for a better surrounding as well as a plentiful resource.