Government’s Upcoming Policies Regarding Health Management To Hamper The Fast Food Market Growth

Feb-2019 | e-Market Research | Food & Beverage

At present, the majority of health issues have been arising due to unhealthy and imbalanced nutrition diet, which leads to influence the growth of medical and healthcare market from the past few years.

For this, The UK Health and Social Care Department has recently decided to take an initiative against indirectly managing the citizen’s health, during a discussion held in Scotland. They decided to pass more restrictions on the retailers’ way of promoting sugar, salt, and fat-rich foods. However, such government policies would affect the junk food-based businesses and also impact the growth of the Global fast food market to some extent.

During the discussion, the new rules were proposed to inhibit the vendors introducing additional discounted offers on junk foods, such as ‘one on one offer’, other promotional offers at the time of checkouts, and many other deals. Through this action, there would be a global slowdown in market trade and revenue generation, which may lead to shift the fast food market in its cold phase.

The major reason behind arranging the 12-week session by the government was to discuss over the childhood obesity plan.

On the recent discussion, Steve Brine— Public Health Minister—stated that to control the rising childhood obesity, everyone including families, industries, and public services would have to make efforts. He added that people usually prefer junk foods due to their mindset regarding less-cost and easy availability of less healthy food.

DHSC stated the new rules to be launched along with their applicability. The new rules would be applicable to the vendors that promote junk food through attractive offers and majorly consumed by children. However, there would be no restrictions on household essentials deals.

These restrictions over deals and offers would greatly impact the businesses of small-scale businesses; as such deals are the important way for the small retailers to grab the customers.