Google’s Family Link Extra Features Driving Parental Control Market

Feb-2019 | e-Market Research | Technology

Google has launched additional controls into its Chromebook devices where parents will now have the capability of setting bedtime hours and screen time limits as well as distantly monitor app usage and lock devices. In 2017, Google rolled out the Family Link application to assist parents remain in the loop with how their kids are employing Android gadgets.

"And now, we are sharing more Family Link functions that can assist parents of children who employ Chromebooks, such as managing the apps children can download, setting time limits, and more," claimed Google to the media in an interview. This addition of features by Google is likely to develop the parental control market.

As per the firm, just more than 50% of kids in the age of 6–12 own or share a laptop device all over the world. "The Family Link application can assist parents set some Internet ground rules since their children are wandering online on their devices," claimed Google. Family Link app assists establish bedtime hours and set screen time limits, which indirectly acts as a catalyst for the development of parental control market.

"Family Link also provides activity reports to display parents and children how much time is invested on their favorite applications," claimed Google. It also lets parents to customize a catalog of websites that children can visit, and approve & review the applications they can install from Google Play, such as Google Play Books and YouTube Kids.

Parents can now also hide separate applications when required, and control in-app buyouts inside the apps already downloaded on the Chromebook. "They can also control settings for their kid’s Google account, and distantly lock overseen accounts if necessary on the Chromebook," claimed Google to the media in an interview. Well, let us if the new features will prove to be helpful for parents as expected by the firm or not.