Automotive Electronics Market Is Expected To Gain On Landscape Of Connectivity Trend In Vehicles

Jan-2018 | e-Market Research | Automobile

Some of the factors such as connectivity, regulatory norms, and e-mobility will remain the key drivers of the industry. One of the key players, Hella is constantly presenting its efforts with respect to these current trends and will remain evolving in the meantime.

Hella’s automotive electronics products are in sync with these present trends and will keep growing over the time.

Till 2017, inclining on the market trends, manufacturers are more focusing on DC/DC converters, TPMS, and sensors under through latest regulatory requirements. They also chose CAPE, CCM, BCM, and RKE below passenger comfort demand through personalization SML.

And further projecting the forecast, by 2025, the OEMs will carry on to hold a grip over such technologies such as DC/DC converters, TPMS, and current sensor than opting connectivity ECUs that fall under the requirements of vehicle connectivity, while in terms of electric mobility IBS and DC/DC converters will focused.

The manufacturers are furiously focusing on development and design with perfect tuning to serve the potential areas with crafted technologies and products.

Hella reported that BCM (body control module) has the high sales and we anticipate the growth momentum to remain the in the same phase in the coming years.

The government on the other side is keenly focusing on enhancing the local procurement or manufacturing under Make in India initiative.

Manufacturers are keenly emphasizing on improving the fuel efficiency and digitization by bringing in electronically control systems. Thus, government focusing on safety standards and efficiency will considerably help to boost the global automotive electronics market.