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Palladium Market Surges Higher Than $1,400 Due To Supply Shortage

25-Feb-2019 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

In recent time, palladium exceeded the $1,400 mark for the very first time, since a requirement for the auto-catalyst metal beat its accessibility in the market. On the other hand, gold eased lower since the dollar earned on the better-than-anticipated US jobs data. The spot palladium surged by 2.28% to $1,390 per ounce and having the previous hit of the all-time high of $1,434.50, the palladiu ...

Parachute’s Entry Into The Mattress Sector Presents A Positive Impact On Global Mattress Market

25-Feb-2019 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Parachute, a 5-year-old brand, is currently booming the luxury bedding sector. The firm highlights its presence alongside various established firms such as Boll & Branch, Brooklinen, and Crane & Canopy. Soon after its introduction, Parachute expanded itself beyond sheets and offered its customers with more and more products. Presently, the user can select from a huge range of products s ...

Hydrogen Fuel Is Anticipated to Give Momentum To The Alternative Fuel Market

13-Feb-2019 | Automobile

With the help of solar energy, the researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory are combining two chemical reaction pathway vital to plants such as Photosystem I and Photosystem II so as to form a backbone of a new technique which will be converting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The basic concept of the plant biology that is absorbing energy from light to ...

Increasing Competitive Struggle In Chemical Market Resulted In Shutdown Of BASF’s Zachary Plant

13-Feb-2019 | Chemicals & Materials

The global chemical market has observed a noteworthy structural shift in the past few years, new technology, new budding growth markets, change in manufacturing places to Asian countries, as well as the all-inclusive influence of the global economic crisis together with increasing prices of raw material. However, carbon emissions policies and regulation remains the key challenges that are drivi ...

Google’s Family Link Extra Features Driving Parental Control Market

05-Feb-2019 | Technology

Google has launched additional controls into its Chromebook devices where parents will now have the capability of setting bedtime hours and screen time limits as well as distantly monitor app usage and lock devices. In 2017, Google rolled out the Family Link application to assist parents remain in the loop with how their kids are employing Android gadgets.

Government’s Upcoming Policies Regarding Health Management To Hamper The Fast Food Market Growth

05-Feb-2019 | Food & Beverage

At present, the majority of health issues have been arising due to unhealthy and imbalanced nutrition diet, which leads to influence the growth of medical and healthcare market from the past few years.

World’s First Foldable Handset By Royole To Power The Global Electronic Display Market

15-Jan-2019 | Electrical & Electronic Device

The Royole FlexPai is the first foldable handset rolled by the Royole. This was something unexpected, since all the eyes were aiming at Samsung to launch the first foldable handset. Anyways, the launch of this foldable handset by the Royole has led the global electronic display market to flourish to great extent and reach new heights.

It is not only the foldable handset that has boost ...

United States Appears To Be A Lucrative Healthcare Market Based On Spendings

14-Jan-2019 | Others

The United States spends much more on per capita health care than other developed countries; the main reason is no longer the use of health care, but higher prices associated to the services, according to a survey conducted by a team led by a researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Automotive Electronics Market Is Expected To Gain On Landscape Of Connectivity Trend In Vehicles

14-Jan-2018 | Automobile

The automotive electronics market has evolved drastically and has strong growth potential owing to low penetration. The Indian market is presently seeing three major factors, comfort, personalization, and regulatory norms. Thus, based on these trends the industry will see a boost in its demands.

Awareness Among People Regarding Health And Hygiene To Spur The Smart Bathrooms Market

13-Jan-2018 | Manufacturing & Construction

In recent years, the sanitary ware has become an indispensable lifestyle statement for the customers. Also, in the past few years, a noteworthy evolution has been witnessed in the bathroom fixtures owing to the technological advancements. There has been an increasing demand for smart bathrooms mostly by the residential and non-residential buildings, particularly, in smart cities.